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Indie Fest Texas @ SXSW. 6th St. Austin, TX

Indefest and SXSW had been cancelled to the Covid19 Pandemic.  We will see you there next year.   

We are taking this time to write and record more of our original music at Harbor City Sound Labs Recording studio.

Stay tuned for our new EP "Within us".

Our thoughts are with you. 


 It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have been selected to play at Indie fest during SXSW in Austin. We are beyond excited and humbled as well. Thank you all for your continued support. We will represent Corpus well! Come to 6th St. On March 21st and share this moment with us! 

It's all about the music, the story and the feeling.


Be a part of the Voodoo Crew!

Voodoo Logic has a unique 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock/blues/jazz sound.  We focus our musical energy on our original music.  We have a 5 song EP out, "Trials, and Tribulations" and Voodoo Logic Live, "For tonight". Available on all major digital music stores (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, reverbnation, youtube, soundcloud and more).  

Come and be a part of our journey and get ready to fall in love with some new classic rock.

Who is Voodoo Logic?

   Adam Stern: Lead Guitar & Vocals.  

   George Woods III: Guitar & Singer.  

   Lori Stern: Singer. 

   John Perez: Bass



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We support!  We love to support local musicians, venues and non-profits.  We encourage everyone to join us in this effort.

Voodoo Logic


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Some Reviews


ALT REVIEW.       #HotTake Review - Voodoo Logic - For Tonight

June 26, 2019

Michael La Torre, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

#HotTake Review - Voodoo Logic - For Tonight

Voodoo Logic is back with their album For Tonight which they dropped digitally today, a mere 5 months after their fantastic debut EP Trials, and Tribulations. What's great about this album first, is that it was recorded with the band live in studio. Something that not many bands do these days. This shows the comfort the group has with their live sound (and for good reason). They didn't layer these tracks. The end result is a classic sounding rock album in the way many bands used to do it. 

Let's talk about the music for a little bit before I get into the album overall. First, Voodoo Logic have included my favorite new track they have "Breathing Underground" which takes me back to a psychedelic 60's/70's Jefferson Airplane experience. It's an absolute mindf*ck of a song that you'll be sure to dig. Lori Ragsdale kills the vocals on this one. I absolutely dig the harmonies in "Fallen Angel" it takes me back to a 70's/80's rock experience. Another strong track appearing on the album is "A New Way Home". Voodoo Logic are always strong with melody. Here you have George Woods performing lead vocals and the results are great. Voodoo Logic aren't afraid to experiment with different vocalists leading, different vocalist pairings, it's all to get the best result. It's refreshing to see as there doesn't seem to be egos here. By the way side note, check out the solo on "A New Way Home", it's killer. "Party Rock and Roll" is a classic banger of a track. The guitars are tight, the drums absolutely push the melody where it needs to go.

Closing Thoughts - If you're a fan of classic rock or rock in general you're going to love this. It has driving guitar, great solos and leads throughout, dynamic vocalization, and powerful drums. This is an album you can turn on in your car with the windows down and crank it as you drive. Voodoo Logic come up again with a diverse twist on the rock genre, sometimes veering classic, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes straight up rock. Voodoo Logic have taken the bull by the horns in Corpus Christi, Texas and have emerged as leaders on the scene, much due to their non-stop hard work and dedication. If you're into alt-rock, you should definitely give them a listen.

Rating - 4/5

Steam Magazine Volume 8 Iss 1 #85


La Llorona (Voodoo Dreams)


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